Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A work of passion

For over a decade I worked for Boa Construction.
During that period I had the honer of playing a part in the construction of many great houses. This project stands out for many reasons but most of all the greatest is that I was was blessed with the friendship and confidence of the owners Fritz and Betty Knoebel.
Fritz Knoebel passed away a few years back at close to 100 years old.
The property was recently donated by Mrs. Knoebel to The University Of Denver and is presently up for sale.
My friend Dave Farmer(retired V.P. of Boa Construction) passed these web links on to me and I thought I would post them below to give anyone that might be interested a look at one of the most unique projects that I have ever been involved with.
If you take the time to browse the two web pages that I posted below you will be allowed a view of some of my best and most passionate work. I only played a small roll in the overall construction of this dynamic project ( the main house only) but I had a part in almost every aspect of it from the framing through the interior decoration and beyond.

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