Monday, February 7, 2011

Ckeck out my thread on Mountain Project

A few years back I was laid up while recovering from a skate board injury and while browsing one of my favorite climbing sites( I noticed in their forum index that they had a category where climbers discussed topics and activities that weren't climbing related.
I started a thread in the "Other Sports" category and I called it "Surfing and Wave Sailing".
I was really surprised to find so much support from the climbing community.
We have some regular and semi regular posters from a wide variety of areas.
I actually post my ongoing surf/ wave sail blog there. I just feel comfortable when I among the climbing community.
This thread has had just about 26,000 page views since I first posted in November of 2008
Please drop in and browse the pages. Please share your ocean sports knowledge and experiences with us if you feel like it.
If you highlight the link below copy and post it in the header it will take you to a page in the middle of the thread you can then move forward to the current posts or to the beginning of the thread. Thanks for checking it out. Click Here

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